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Glasson Park George St East Freo

Glasson Park is a small but excellent park in George Street in the heart of East Fremantle.  It is more of a quick visit park than a stay all day and have a picnic type park, and on Sunday morning it was full of local people, their dogs and their kids.  Our kids thought is was great because the play equipment was a bit different to normal.

The play equipment is non-traditional, made of wood rather than steel and there are some climbing bits, three swings and a big tyre swing.  There is a few lower pieces of equipment good for little kids, and a great pretend windsurfer to ride. The playground area has pine bark on the ground, which unfortunately is very dirty. There is no shade on the playground, but lots of big trees around the outside of the park.  The park is fenced all the way around with pool style gates to get out on the street. 

Note - there are no toilets in the park.

And the coffee?  Fantastic!  The coffee comes from Hubbles Yard, which is a restaurant and cafe on the corner of Hubble and George Streets, diagonally opposite the park.  The restaurant won a Gold Plate Award in 2008.  The coffee was just great, one of the best takeaways we have found lately. 


George Street East Fremantle