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Scarborough Beach





There is a great relatively new playground on the grass at Scarborough Beach.  Between the beach and the carpark there is a stretch of grass for picnicking on, with some bbqs, some gazebos and picnic tables and of course a playground.

The playground is small but interesting, our kids loved the fake rock climbing wall.  There is soft fall on most of the playground area, with some sandy bits.  This playground is very accessible, there is a ramp down from the car park and the soft fall is level with the concrete paving. 

There will be shade sails over the playarea in the summer months.  We went there in the winter and the sails were gone, as many local councils take them down across the winter. There are toilets nearby, in the beach changerooms.  

And the coffee?  Along the road in front of the beach there is a range of cafes and takeaway places.  We got food and coffee from Peters by the Sea and picnicked on the grass. There are lots of other potential coffee places.  In the hotel building there is Dome, which you can get to via the walking bridge that takes you over the carpark and road.

The only downside is that parking will be bad on warm sunny days when people want to swim!


Off West Coast Hwy