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A Coffee in the Park - Playgrounds in Perth, Western Australia


This site is a guide to finding coffee in Perth's playgrounds and parks, created by a Perth family.

We are a family of two children who love playgrounds, and two parents who love coffee. We started this website in 2009 to tell other parents about great parks and playgrounds in Perth, focusing on places where you can have coffee in the park while the kids play.

A big thank you to everyone who has been sending through park suggestions - our website keeps on growing thanks to lots of suggestions from other coffee loving parents!!

What counts as a coffee in the park?

To count as an official 'coffee in the park' a park needs to have two essential criteria - a playground and a nearby source of takeaway espresso coffee. The two must be no more than a short walk from each other. We have three sections that focus on Perth Playgrounds with coffee, South, North and Hills.

We also have a Country Playgrounds section that features country towns where you can have a coffee in the park.

There are also many other great playgrounds in Perth that unfortunately don't have a built-in source of caffeine, so we have created a category for them called Great Parks - No Coffee.  The 3 lists of these parks are growing rapidly thanks to lots of suggestions.

We also have an Other Cool Places list which features family fun places that are not technically playgrounds where you can get coffee while the kids play. At some of these you need to pay for entry.

We hope you enjoy having a coffee in the park as much as we do!