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Allen Park Swanbourne

Allen Park in Swanbourne has a great little suburban playground, very close to a coffee place.  The park itself has lots of tennis courts and some big ovals, but tucked in a corner facing Kirkwood St is a fenced playground. The playground is a traditional steel frame structure with good things to climb and play on.  There is sand on the ground, and lots of big trees surround the playground to provide some shade.  There are a few benches inside the playground area for mums and dads to sit and watch.

The coffee comes from Kirkwood Gourmet Deli which is one block south of the playground, on the corner of North Street and Kirkwood Street. The deli also does all sorts of gourmet goodies.

There are toilets across the oval from the playground - you need to look for the orangey brick pavilion and the toilets are in there.  It is a little bit of a walk.


Kirkwood Street Swanbourne