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Braithwaite Park Mt Hawthorn

Braithwaite Park is tucked in behind the community centre in Mt Hawthorn, just off Scarborough Beach Rd.  The playground is a lovely park, with softfall on the ground and lots of low rise playground equipment - great for younger kids.  There is also a set of swings.  The park is very shady with lots of great old trees bordering the playground.  There are a couple of benches and picnic tables nearby and at least one BBQ.  The toilets are on the side of the community centre, on the left side if you are facing it from the playground.  The playground has a fence separating it from the parking area.

The coffee comes from Munchies 2 Go - a lunch bar type place on Scarborough Beach Rd. You need to cross the road and it is just up to the right (east) of the playground. Munchies 2 Go claims that they have the best burgers in Perth.  We can't comment because we didn't try them, but the coffee was ok.


Corner of Scarborough Beach Rd and the Boulevard Mt Hawthorn. Parking is off Berryman St.