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Geraldton foreshore

On the foreshore in Geraldton there is a fantastic new play area with a giant playground and a water park.  The playground and water park sit in a grassed picnic area overlooking the beach and the port.  The playground has three separate areas, a big kids play area with lots of climbing sliding and spinning stuff, a smaller kids area that was perfect for our 3 year old with a small climbing structure with little slides swings and other toddler friendly play equipment, and an area for really little kids with low to the ground activities like pipes to walk/crawl through.  The 2 little kids areas are together and surrounded by a fence with pool style gates.  The ground is a mostly sand, with some soft fall.

The water play area is next to the playground, and is a big open soft fall area with lots of fountains, water canyons and stuff to get wet under.  The kids loved it!

You have two options (that we know of) for coffee - The closest is Jenarlies on Marine Tce, up the alley way / small road directly across the road from the park. They do coffee and home made icecream. Option 2 is a cafe named Skeetas, diagonally across the road from the playground, with a dine in area in the restaurant that looks out over the water, and a takeaway part to the side of the restaurant that does coffee, gelato and fish and chips.

Next time you are in Geraldton check it out!


Marine Tce Geraldton