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Stirk Park Kalamunda

Stirk Park is a lovely play area nestled in heart of Kalamunda - a good place for fresh air and a play. There are lots of trees that provide shade for a variety of types and ages of play equipment, the park has been there a long time and new equipment keeps being added.  The newest addition is a Liberty Swing for disabled children. Some of the equipment has sand under it and some has softfall.  The play areas are fenced from the carpark, but not from the rest of the park, which does have a little creek it in.  Toilets are available in the park and there a lots of tables and chairs.

The nearest coffee place is the Merchant on Haynes Street in the main shopping strip of Kalamunda. It is a reasonable walk from the playground end of the park, you have to cross the park, then walk one block up the road and just around the corner.  When we visited the park I drove to get the coffee, particularly as I had 4 coffees to bring back and I didn't want to carry them.  A number of people have commented that it really is close enough to walk, so we have given it a page on the site,  but make up your own mind about whether to walk or drive.


Elizabeth Street Kalamunda - turn left off Kalamunda Road as you come up the hill, parking and playground is on the Elizabeth St side of the park.