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Swanbourne Beach Foreshore

The Swanbourne Beach foreshore has recently been revamped and is now a fantastic area for play, food and coffee.  The feature of the redevelopment is a new complex with a restaurant, the Naked Fig, a new kiosk, the Naked Fig Kiosk and toilets/change rooms.  Between the restaurant and the beach is the new playground.

The playground is boat themed, with lots of low rise equipment and a play boat you can sit in.  It is probably better suited to smaller kids (our 8 year old thought it was a bit small).  There is a combination of sand and softfall on the ground, and it looks like shade sails will cover it in the summer. We went in winter and there was no shade but the poles are there.  It is total fenced with a pool type gate to get in and out.

The Naked Fig kiosk is to the left side of the restaurant (if you are facing the building from the playground).  The kiosk does drinks, icecreams, snacks and of course coffee!


Marine Terrace Swanbourne