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Nature Scape Kings Park

Nature Scape is not really a playground as such, but is a place for kids to play in a simulated natural bush environment. There is a billabong that you can paddle in, tree towers to climb, cubbies to build out of sticks, and 'the Tangle' which is a collection of ropes strung between trees for the kids to climb and swing on.

There are toilets in the park, and a few raised areas to sit (on concrete) with a roof over the top for shade protection. There are no formal seats, so bringing your own folding chairs is a good idea.  Also bring a towel, for drying off wet sandy feet after the kids have had a paddle, and food and drink because there is not any inside the Nature Scape area.

Entry to the area is restricted by numbers, on a busy day you might have to queue. It is also closed in February and on days of high fire danger.

The entry is off May Drive in Kings Park

The Kings Park website has more information -

The entrance

Climbing tower!

An interesting tunnel

The Tangle