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South Perth Foreshore

Playground No 1 - Coode Street  

There is a great playground on the South Perth foreshore, in Sir James Mitchell Park.  Access and parking is off Coode Street, just off Mill Point Road.

The playground is a large steel structure with lots of climbing bits, a couple of slides and a boat built into the front.  

There is a series of giant shade sails providing shade, and there is sand on the ground.  A set of swings is off to one side but unfortunately these have no shade.  The playground has a great view, across Perth Water to the city. 

Across the carpark from the playground is the Boatshed cafe and restaurant.  The cafe area, on the side of the building facing west (away from the playground) does takeaway coffee, or you can sit in and sip coffee while you look at the river.  There is also a small play area inside the cafe.  


Coode Street South Perth  


  • Picnic area
  • Toilets (in the cafe building)

Playground No 2 - Mends Street

There is a small playground near the jetty at the end of Mends Street in South Perth, near the main shopping area.  Along Mend Street there a number of cafes, including a Dome Cafe where you can get takeaway.  There is no shade near the playground and the parking in the area is pay parking. 

Thanks to Michelle, Jenny and Jocelyn who all suggested this park!